Scholarship Reports

2023Athir AbdelWhat characterizes successful workplaces?

Executive Summary
2022David SundströmHow do you create engagement and belonging in a remote workspace?

Executive Summary
2019Camilla HäggrothHR+AI=TRUE

Executive Summary
2017Josefin Holmgren, Christian JacobssonHow to make Millennials stay
2016Anna Zhan, Emelie Karlsson WedinAttitudes towards sustainability among young global leaders
2015Alva EdinHappily ever after? How the use of temporary employees affect standard and nonstandard employees´ attitude and behavior towards organizations
2015Ellen MonténTemporary employees and outsourcing: Dos and don´ts from an international perspective
2014Alexandra JohansenAvoiding the gender halo effect
2014Jesper BernhardssonDiversity effects on sustainable group performance
2013Nicolina JonssonThe value of values for sustainable leadership in attracting and retaining talent
2013Anna RosénTri-sector leadership
2011Ulla-Marie PeterssonManaging Consultants
2008Kristian AnderssonEffective Human Resource Practices in Mergers and Acquisitions
2007Sofia Gille JohanssonKey Indicators for HR Mng in China
2006Eva-Karin AndermanCompetence in China
2005Stefan ValleriusAge Management
2004Emma MeurlingDiversity as business opportunity
2002Leili FalsafiThe Mission of Diversity - Creating the Organization of the Future
2002Håkan BorgOutsourcing of Human Resources
2001Fredrik StranneEmployee Relationship Marketing
2001Jonas BäcklundKonsulterna och Företaget
2000Ulrika Enger WalldorfSuccessful Stress Strategies: Stress and Burnout Prevention Methods Used in Business Today
1999Hilkka-Maija KatajistoEfficient Repatriation: An Integrated Part of the Expatriation Cycle.
1998Ylva GärdforsTransforming the HR function for the future: Changing roles for HR professionals in the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden
1997Charlotte Pettersson-FranzénA Study of European Companies and Their Strategies of Downsizing
1996Amanda UndinManagement Trainee Programs: a Human Resource Perspective
1995Lars FallbergEtik och ledarskap i Kina
1995Peter LjungkvistLearning in Projects
1994Ann-Sofie RosenbergThe Successful Leadership Style in a Foreign Culture
1993Göran NordlundInternational Acquisitions
1993Sophia RothInternational Acquisitions
1992Pelle EkmanRemuneration Systems
1991Lena WennbergA new Career - The 45+ Career, How to Develop a New "Old" Resource in the 1990's
1991Göran VarosyCentral & Eastern Europe in Transition: Emerging Managerial Issues
1990Birgitta Jäghem LöfvingTechnology Development and Human Resources - Organizational Trends for the 21st Century
1990Fredrik HillelsonUtlandsanställningar under 1990-talet
1989Katarina Lindén BillmanCareer Patterns of Special Knowledge Workers
1989Björn ÖbergThe Succession Process in Entrepreneurial Companies
1989Anita Otterheim HjalmarssonPersonnel Management in the 1990's
1988Lars FranzénEnvironmental Trends Affecting Corporations in the 1990's
1988Björn WesterbergJapanese Management
1987Helena TörnqvistLedarskap, fackföreningsrörelsen och arbetsrättstrender i USA inför 90-talet
1987Birgitta OlaussonKvinnligt ledarskap
1985Magnus JohanssonExpatriate Spouses
1984Lars-Göran NordhSamarbetsformer i amerikanskt arbetsliv