Announcement of scholarship in 2022
The foundation awards scholarships to be used for studies and/or internships abroad.

At the beginning of 2020, the world was hit by Covid-19. The pandemic has to a significant extent prevented travel to and restricted freedom of movement in most countries. This became a major challenge for the foundation’s latest fellow. To avoid a similar situation, the foundation has decided not to announce a scholarship in 2021.

At present, however, we see that the negative effects of pandemics in the world are diminishing. Provided that this positive development continues, the foundation has decided to announce a scholarship in 2022.

Further information on the possible call will come at the beginning of 2022.

Contact: Helena Lundberg, +46-73-982 43 28,


HR increases the pace with AI
The latest PAUSE Fellow, Camilla Häggroth,
received SEK 100,000 to study the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in HR. Shortly afterwards was hit
the world of a pandemic. Despite this, Camilla has managed to complete her studies and written a very interesting scholarship report.

In it, she describes a study, a collaborative project with a supplier of software for psychometric tests, which shows that the HR function can streamline work through AI both in terms of recruitment and training.

In addition, Camilla argues that the HR function needs to be a driving force in the issue of developing human-machine collaboration on an overall level in the organization. In this way, it can play a crucial role in transforming companies and their way of working to become competitive in a digital world.

“The technical aspect may feel foreign at first, but in fact, it is quite easy to absorb. Be aware of and think about the issues surrounding inherent bias, ethics and data protection, but do not let them be an excuse for not implementing AI in the business ”, she says in summary about her own experiences from her studies.

Download the report here.

Contact: Helena Lundberg, +46-73-982 43 28,


PAUSE Scholarship 2019 is nominated
The PAUSE Foundation awards Sweden’s largest scholarship in HR and leadership. The purpose is both to contribute to the alumni’s personal development and to give other interested persons increased knowledge about current HR and leadership topics. Since its foundation in 1982, the foundation has been awarded 44 scholarships. The 2019 scholarship of SEK 100,000 goes to Camilla Häggroth, who will investigate how AI can be used within the HR function to contribute to positive organizational development.

-The competition for the scholarship was great this year, but we are convinced that Camilla is the right alumni. She is knowledgeable, has the right background and the personal drive to take on this year’s focus area Artificial Intelligence (AI), says the foundation’s chairman Björn Lundberg. We also share Camilla’s view on how AI and digitalisation broadly open up a whole new perspective on recruitment, follow-up, analysis, leadership and learning, Björn continues.

Camilla Häggroth will use the scholarship for studies on how AI can be used specifically in the HR function to contribute to positive organizational development. Among other things, it is about using AI to ensure greater precision in recruitment and to design further training for already employees.

Camilla begins her studies in December 2019 and finalizes them in the form of a scholarship report in early April 2020. Shortly thereafter, the report will be published on the foundation’s website, among other things.

Camilla Häggroth will study at Ashridge Hult Business Business School, UK, where they have a centre for action research. She is accepted for their ”doctorate in organizational change”. The idea is that the research she will do during the scholarship period should form the foundation of her doctoral dissertation.

Contact: Helena Lundberg, +46-73-982 43 28,


Announcement – Scholarship of SEK 100,000
The PAUSE Scholarship Foundation awards the largest Swedish scholarship in HR and leadership for international studies. The PAUSE scholarship aims to contribute to the personal development and leadership abilities of the alumni through international studies and experience. It also aims to spread knowledge about current HR and leadership topics to Swedish international businesses and others interested in the area.
The latest application date is 11 October 2019.

The scholarship is primarily aimed at those who have a university degree and practical experience in HR and leadership, but also students with work experience from the area can apply. The applicant must have a genuine interest in, willingness and ability to develop in the field and to take leading positions in Swedish international business.

The scholarship is to be used for studies at a university/management school or
at a company for at least three months. The PAUSE Scholarship foundation expects the applicant to study Artificial Intelligence’s (AI’s) impact on HR and leadership issues, however can be open to suggestions on other relevant topics. The studies shall result in a scholarship report which is to be freely distributed in different ways to others interested in the field.

Specifications for the 2019 scholarship and information on the application process, download here (in Swedish).
Any questions about the scholarship are answered by Helena Lundberg, +46-73-982 43 28,

Questions that might be of interest to other applicants, will be published on the site.


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