What the PAUSE scholarship has meant to me!
As a PAUSE alumnus, I studied in 1985 at the Wharton School in Philadelphia. My six months there was a period when I gained knowledge and friends for life. I also learned to understand important cultural differences – how to bridge these and build on that variation. of the views that people with different backgrounds contribute. Throughout my career, I have repeatedly reflected on the experiences I gained at Wharton. I am fully convinced that these have been crucial in meeting the demands I have had and have as a business leader in an international business world. The PAUSE scholarship provided me with a unique opportunity for personal development and represents a milestone of amazing memories and invaluable experience. I have benefited greatly from this in my professional career as well as in my private life.

Magnus Johansson
Managing Director, SKF Kina Shanghai in March 2008

In 1985, Sten Westerberg, Chairman of PAUSE, awards the alumni Magnus Johansson. Magnus, who was then a staff member of SKF, has since been the SKF Group’s human resources director and CEO in Sweden. Before becoming CEO of China, Magnus was chairman of PAUSE.