The Scholarship

PAUSE Scholarship 2024
The PAUSE Foundation is awarding Sweden’s largest scholarship in HR and leadership for international studies and experiences. The aim is to contribute both to the development of the recipients themselves and to disseminate knowledge in the field to other interested parties. Since 1982, 47 scholarships have been awarded. The foundation is now announcing another scholarship. Applications should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 10 March 2024. Specifications for the scholarship and instructions on how to apply are provided below.

Who Can Apply?
The recipient of the scholarship must be a Swedish citizen or a foreign citizen who has resided in Sweden for at least two years and is still residing here. The scholarship is intended for individuals who have completed or are pursuing a university education and wish to develop in the fields of HR and leadership.

How Should the Scholarship Be Used?
The scholarship, amounting to 100,000 SEK, should be used for studies at a university and/or a company abroad for a minimum of three months. The scholarship is awarded in three stages: at the time of the award, upon submission of the report, and upon submission of an Executive Summary (see below).

Reporting Back and Focus Area
The studies should focus on the following topic and result in a concise, systematically designed written report, as well as a filmed (approximately 2 minutes) ”Executive Summary”. Both should be in English and will be published on the foundation’s website, so that other interested parties can access the content. The report should be submitted as soon as possible after the completion of the studies and no later than 1 October 2024.

How do companies and organisations retain their employees, and what are the challenges if they are lost?

The prospective scholarship recipient is expected to contribute increased knowledge about and highlight strategies for countering employee turnover.

What Should Be Included in the Application?
In addition to a traditional cover letter including motivation, the application should include the parts described below. Note that all attached documents should be named after the applicant.

Plan for the Scholarship Period
When the studies are to be conducted, names of the school and/or company where the studies will take place, and the name of the supervisor for the report.

Proven Merits
Transcripts, relevant work certificates, and any letters of recommendation.

When and Where Should the Application Be Submitted?
The application should be submitted via email as soon as possible and no later than 10 March 2024 to:

Note! If you have not received a written confirmation that your application has been received within 24 hours, please contact us.

Additional Information
Preliminary Schedule
Notification of a potential interview will be sent to all applicants no later than March 12, 2024. Interviews with candidates who have advanced are planned to be conducted on March 20-21, 2024. Any changes will be communicated to applicants via email.

The chairman of the board, Björn Lundberg, will answer any questions about the announced scholarship ( If the answers to the questions are deemed relevant to other applicants, they will be informed via email.

Printable PDF Version
Specifications for the 2024 scholarship and information about the application process.