The Scholarship

PAUSE Scholarship 2023
The PAUSE Foundation awards Sweden’s largest scholarship within HR and leadership for international studies and experiences. The purpose is both to contribute to the fellows’ own development and to spread knowledge in the field to other interested parties. Since its inception in 1982, 45 scholarships have been awarded. Now the foundation announces another one. The application must be submitted as soon as possible and no later than May 19, 2023. Specifications for the scholarship and instructions for applying appear below.

Who can apply?
The recipient of the scholarship must be a Swedish citizen or a foreign citizen who has resided in Sweden for at least two years and is still residing here. Otherwise, the scholarship is intended for those who have a completed or ongoing university education and who want to develop within the subject of HR and leadership.

How should the scholarship be used?
The scholarship of SEK 100,000 must be used for studies at a university and/or a company abroad for at least three months. The scholarship is awarded in three stages; upon appointment, submitted report and ”Executive Summary” (see below).

Focus area and feedback
The studies must deal with one of the topics below and result in a concise, systematically designed report and a filmed (3-5 minute) ”Executive Summary”. Both must be in English and will be published on the foundation’s website, so that others interested in the subject can take part in the content. The re-report must be received as soon as possible after completion of studies and no later than November 1, 2023.

• Leadership in a digital world
• What characterizes successful workplaces
• How HR drives workplaces for increased innovation

What should be included in the application?
In addition to a traditional letter of introduction that includes motivation, the application must include the parts described below. Please note that all documents attached must be named with the applicant’s name.

Plan for the scholarship period
When the studies are to be carried out, name of school and/or company where the studies are to be carried out and name of supervisor for the report.

Proven credentials
Grade copies, relevant work certificates and any letters of recommendation.

When should the application be submitted and where should it be sent?
The application must be submitted by email as soon as possible and no later than May 19, 2023 to:

Additional information
Preliminary timetable
The foundation plans to conduct interviews on 22 May 2023. Feedback to all applicants by 26 May. Any changes are notified to the applicant via e-mail.

The chairman of the board, Björn Lundberg, answers any questions about the announced scholarship (see e-mail address above). If the answers to the questions are deemed relevant to other applicants, they will be informed by email.

Printable version in pdf
Specifications for the 2023 scholarship and information on the application process