The Scholarship

The PAUSE scholarship is the largest Swedish scholarship directed in personnel and leadership development.

The PAUSE scholarship aims to contribute to the personal development and leadership abilities of the alumni through international studies and experience. It also aims to spread knowledge about current HR and leadership topics to the Swedish international business and others who are interested in the subject.

Below, the foundation presents general facts about the scholarship. Specific requirements for each scholarship, e.g. topic selection for the studies, will be published accordingly.

Specifications for the 2019 scholarship and information on the application process, download here (in Swedish).

Who can apply?
In accordance with the foundation’s statutes, the recipient of the scholarship must be a Swedish citizen or foreign citizen who has lived in Sweden for at least two years and still resides here.

Otherwise, the scholarship is primarily aimed at those who have a university degree and practical experience in HR and leadership, but also students with work experience from the area can apply. The applicant must have a genuine interest, will and ability to develop himself in the field. For example, the aim of the studies can lead to a senior position in Swedish business or otherwise working as a specialist in HR and leadership.

How should the scholarship be used?
The scholarship will be used for study at a university and/or company abroad. The scholarship time varies, among other things depending on the size of the scholarship, but is usually at least three months. The alumni are responsible for planning the scholarship period.

Scholarship Report
The studies will result in a systematically designed report on a current HR and leadership topic. The report should be practically useful for international Swedish businesses and others who are interested in the area.

The foundation may request a specific topic for the studies and the report. This will be announced in connection with the announcement of the scholarship. Otherwise, the alumni will come up with suggestions on the subject. In both cases, the alumni are responsible for obtaining a suitable supervisor.

The scholarship report must be written in English and will be published on the foundation’s website.

Presentation of the report
The alumni will, in collaboration with a university and / or company, arrange a seminar where the report will be presented orally in English. Alternatively, the alumni can present the results in an event organized by a third party.

The presentation shall be filmed and published on the foundation’s website. If the presentation is conducted in a webinar (webinar and / or workshop) it must also be streamed from the foundation’s website.

PAUSE’s international contacts
The alumni will spend time at a foreign university, management school and / or company. In the first place, it is the alumni’s job to seek contact with these, but if necessary, the board may be able to assist.

Over the years, the PAUSE foundation has among other things collaborated with several well-known schools in the United States, such as Harvard Business School – Boston, The Graduate School of Business at Standford University – Palo Alto, University of California – Los Angeles and The Wharton School – Philadelphia. In Japan, an alumni studied at Sophia University, Tokyo. In Europe, PAUSE alumni have studied at Cranfield School of Management – Bedford, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management – IFL Brussels, IMD – Lausanne, Michael Smurfit Business School – Dublin and the University of Wuppertal and Iaccocas Institute Global Village at Lehigh University, US.