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The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in collaboration with the PAUSE Scholarship Foundation hereby have the honor of inviting you to a lunch seminar 19 January 2018 on:

How to get young professionals to stay?
Presentations and discussion of ideas and actions that may influence the outcome
The lunch seminar gives insight into young, global leaders’ concern for matching of their career interest and employers’ ability and willingness to offer a fruitful dialogue and opportunities for growth as an important part of their decisions to stay or leave. The seminar builds on young leaders’ opinions and thoughts, which has been collected during an international leadership program organized by the Iacocca Institute, Global Village. The study has been carried out by two SSE BSc students and PAUSE scholarship recipients as part of their participation in the Global Village program.

The seminar also includes a presentation of how some business organizations e.g Telia and Resmed act to match young, becoming leaders’ expectations. Finally, the seminar aims to generate some general conclusions by giving insight from present research about relationship between individuals and organization, and by facilitation an open discussion among the seminar participants’ experiences and challenges.

This seminar illustrates such questions from practice and theory. Director Kira Mendes from the Iacocca Institute presents the Global Village program. Christian Jacobsson, BSc, SSE and Josefin Holmgren, BSc, SSE, who were granted the PAUSE and Iacocca Institute Global Village scholarships will present their studies and reflections on how to get young professionals to stay. CEO Fredrik Stranne and Anna Dyhre from Coreworkers presents aspects on how they support their customers to take care of young professionals. Aspects on how Telia and Resmed manages this kind of situation will be presented. Pernilla Bolander, assistant professor, SSE, researching the field of assessment and development of competence management discusses. Moderator of the seminar is Andreas Werr, professor, SSE.


Björn Lundberg
Chairman, PAUSE Sholarship Foundation
Andreas Werr
Professor, Department of Management and Organization, SSE
The Iacocca Insitute and Global Village

Kira Mendez
Director The Iacocca Insitute
The scholarship report - How to get young professionals to stay

Christian Jacobsson and Josefin Holmgren
Recipients of the Global Village/PAUSE Scholarship 2017
How to get young professionals to stay?

Anna Dyhre and CEO Fredrik Stranne
The HR Communication Firm – Coreworkers
Aspects on how some companies manages this situation
Cecilia Lundin
Head of Group HR
Discussion and concluding remarks
Pernilla Bolander
Assistant Professor, Department of Management and Organization, SSE
Lunch and mingle
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